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What is 'accessibility' and why is it important?

This site has been designed for easy Accessibility.

Accessibility is about making your website available and understandable for everyone, including users with disabilities. W3 explains it in a great way at the Web Accessibility Initiative.

This allows visitors to use the following accesskeys:
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The idea behind this website :

The main idea behind this website is to give you an alternative understanding as for the many uses of alternative energy.That can be adapted to the systems you may already have in place. Or maybe starting from new. that can be adapted to your design.

Open source is freedom!

If you like this site and would like to contribute your ideas in any way, you are free to do so. The information released on this site is open source, which means that you are free to use any of this information and change to suit your needs ,may you want to.

I kindly ask that If you use this design for commercial purposes, please consider making a symbolic donation through this link.PayPal.