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This webpage is for all of you who are looking to find infomation to try an alternative healing source.


Please browse this excellent alternative healing website .

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We all have dreams. Dreams about who we truly are or how we want to live. Maybe dreams about what we want to achieve in our lives or how we want to relate to other people and the world we live in. For some of us these dreams become clouded by the routines and hassles of everyday life, thereby losing the motivation to shape our future in a sustainable way.

What would you do if you had a possibility to overcome patterns that are holding you back from living those dreams? What would you do if you could create your world from a more aware perspective? What if you could open a new realm of possibilities?

Clearing offers you the tools to become aware of how we shape our life, future, relationships and the world we live in. It can help us understand how our points of view and even our environment affect us in our beliefs about who we are. In a very gentle manner it allows us to connect with, and free ourselves from, our own limiting patterns and the effects our environment has on us. This helps us to live a healthier and more balanced life in a more vibrant surrounding.

Clearing can be used to release stress, bring about change and healing for people, animals and the places we live in. Combining awareness and compassion, a profound opportunity for sustainable change arises. This can be done through face-to-face clearings at your home or company, or through distance clearing and map dowsing.


Please visit

online healing

For a better explanation.


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